In Support of Tammi Thurm, Greensboro City Council District 5

Senator Michael Garrett NC Senate – District 27

Councilwoman Tammi Thurm is the type of hardworking, problem-solving leader Greensboro residents deserve. From prioritizing affordable housing solutions, to supporting local families, to bolstering small businesses, Tammi brings a “can-do” attitude to face our City’s biggest challenges, head-on. I’m proud to support her campaign for reelection.” Senator Michael Garrett NC Senate – District 27
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Paula Sieber, Executive Director, Guilford Urban Farming Initiative

Tammi Thurm is an effective public servant and has shown us time and again her dedication to the community that goes beyond election cycles. Her leadership and caring is evident in working with other Council members and in applying decision-making for Greensboro and Council District 5. Tammi consistently goes above and beyond to build trust and credibility.

Bob Foxworth

I am really impressed and gratified to see your resolve, courage and conviction to do the right thing. You are truly looking like a rock star for championing what is right on Council.

District 5 Resident

Thank you for making our neighborhood park safer!  We appreciate the light and new signage.  Your support to our Merryweather Park community meant so much!

Rebecca Jordan-Turner
Owner, Revolution Hot Yoga

You don’t even have to agree with Tammi to vote for her and know that you will be well-respected, heard and taken care of under her leadership.

Tammi’s the best. I’d trust her with my life. I trusted her with my business. I absolutely trust her with my city.

Beth Langley

I am honored to endorse Tammi Thurm. I had the privilege of working closely with Tammi for five years. Tammi is the embodiment of a leader. She tackles important issues by presenting solutions that address the needs of all involved. Whether addressing one issue, or engaging long-term strategic planning, Tammi seeks out and analyzes information. She does not shy away from difficult discussions, but is always respectful of every person’s ideas. Tammi is an honest broker. Integrity is her core character strength. Tammi is exactly the leader our City needs.

Randall Kaplan
Greensboro Entrepreneur

We are lucky to have Tammi Thurm as a member of our City Council. Tammi is a unique public servant who always does her homework, has an ability to synthesize different points of view, and makes thoughtful decisions that are in the best interests of the community. Tammi has been a leading voice for economic development and quality of life for all the citizens of Greensboro.

Bob Riedlinger
Business Owner

It is my pleasure and privilege to endorse Tammi Thurm for Greensboro City Council District 5. I have known Tammi for over 25 years, and worked with her when she was CFO of Ornamental Products in High Point. Tammi analyzes and solves complex problems with ease. She played an instrumental role in helping the company achieve tremendous growth. She was my most trusted advisor, and I could always count on getting honest, balanced advice. If we didn’t agree, she let me know with a well-reasoned response. I usually took her advice. She is focused, driven, passionate, and her integrity is beyond reproach. Politics today is a challenging job. We need the best and brightest to find ways to work together to find the best solutions for Greensboro. I can think of no one better equipped to represent District 5 in City Council.

Keith Rosen
Community Volunteer

I have known Tammi for many years while serving together on both the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee of The Greensboro Jewish Federation.

My first close interaction with Tammi was related to the budget preparation. I found her to have a strong general knowledge in finance, while comfortable making cost cutting suggestions. I find her level headed and not afraid to disagree. I have great respect for Tammi Thurm and know Greensboro would be well served to have her on the City Council.

David Albin
Business Owner

Tammi is very focused and her attention to detail is incredible. She is both well educated, self-­taught and continues to study, research and learn all she can. She is brilliant with numbers and accounting and anything that has to do with thereof.

Her work ethic is outstanding; she is trustworthy, accountable and very reliable. Her word is her bond; if she tells or commits to doing something consider it done. She is awesome at multi tasking and getting projects through to completion.

Tammi has outstanding leadership skills and I have personally witnessed many people both listen to her intently and follow what she teaches. She has a wonderful sense of humor, is playful and just an absolute joy to be around.

Erin Rosen
Community Volunteer

I have known Tammi Thurm for 8 years and have had the pleasure of sitting on numerous non-profit boards with her. I appreciate and respect Tammi’s patience and intuitiveness. She is direct without being pushy. She listens to what others are saying around the table and her contribution to board discussions is always thoughtful and pertinent. I think she would be a great addition to the Greensboro City Council.