In Support of Tammi Thurm, Greensboro City Council District 5

She will be able to provide a fresh perspective that I feel will enable us to continue to grow our economic base. Odell Cleveland
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She has demonstrated her willingness to work with all segments of our community…

People who know her well describe her as a trusted adviser, focused, someone who knows how to analyze and solve complex problems, and a person of integrity.
Sig and Joan Gould
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We believe Tammi will be a great asset to the City Council

Tammi’s the best. I’d trust her with my life. I DO trust her with my business. I absolutely trust her with my city.
Rebecca Jordan-Turner, Owner, Revolution Hot Yoga
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Vote for Tammi Thurm!

It is my pleasure and privilege to endorse Tammi Thurm for Greensboro City Council District 5. I have known Tammi for over 25 years, and worked with her when she was CFO of Ornamental Products in High Point. Tammi analyzes and solves complex problems with ease. She played an instrumental role in helping the company achieve tremendous growth. She was my most trusted advisor, and I could always count on getting honest balanced advice. If we didn’t agree, she let me know with a well-reasoned response. I usually took her advice. She is focused, driven, passionate, and her integrity is beyond reproach. Politics today is a challenging job. We need the best and brightest to find ways to work together to find the best solutions for Greensboro. I can think of no one better equipped to represent District 5 in City Council.

Bob RiedlingerBusiness Owner

I have great respect for Tammi Thurm and know Greensboro would be well served to have her on the City Council.

Keith RosenCommunity Volunteer

Her work ethic is outstanding; she is trustworthy, accountable and very reliable.

David AlbinBusiness Owner

She listens to what others are saying around the table and her contribution to board discussions is always thoughtful and pertinent.

Erin RosenCommunity Volunteer